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Beauty products can be found in many places like beauty box stores, the grocery store, thrift stores, and hole in the wall beauty stores. The best way to support your stylist or salon is to purchase recommended products for your hair through them! Then you know the products you are using are 100% pure and haven't been tampered with [thats right...there's evil people out there tampering with our fave products]. But hey, we get it. Sometimes just paying the bill for your hair appointment is a stretch on the budget, especially with inflation right now. Sometimes, you really need that deal, and we understand. Here's some tips:

Please don't buy from Ulta, that is only supporting a big box company when you have a choice to support and small business and directly support their family. I get it, you get rewards with them. But did you know you receive 2x the points with our salon when you purchase products from us? That's right, you get points from us too! Those points add up and can be cashed in for hair treatments and waxing services. 

Maybe you live far away, needing to wait for another pay day after paying for your hair appointment, or just need more convenience then coming to the salon for your products. We hear you | we see you. L'ANZA directly sells through amazon too. And because theres not a bunch of other middle men getting their take too, they can sometimes provide better deals than I can. Instead of competing with amazon, I decided to get my cut too. AMAZON isn't going anywhere. I have an AMAZON ASSOCIATES account to earn commission from products clients purchase through my links. If you're going to be an amazon product junky, please support me by using my links! I greatly appreciate it!


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30% off shown on site

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