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Times are changing. Digital is the way. There was a time when buying beauty products on AMAZON was frowned upon. You didn't know if the product had been tampered with, or even if it had fulfilled it's shelf life!

Amazon has teamed up with some big brands to offer products you can count on and stylists/small business owners aren't screwed out of the deal. I have personally corresponded with L'ANZA about their products on amazon. L'ANZA has their own shop. You can rest assured if you order through amazon and the seller says "Lanza Healing Hair Care". It is legit!

I do sell L'ANZA exclusively in my salon in Jenks. Retail sales is part of my (or any stylist's) income. I get it, amazon prime shopping is the easiest online shopping around. I have an amazon associate account. That means, if you purchase your L'ANZA products from amazon using my link, I will receive commission on it. Sure, we make more off of retail sales IN salon. But something is better than nothing, right?

If you want a deal from time to time, or hair products delivered to your doorstep, please still support my business in that transaction by using my shopping links. These links [buttons] are tied to MY associate account. If you're going to shop on amazon anyway, support me and my family in your purchases.

If you need help with a product recommendation, send me a message, email, comment, Instagram DM, etc. I will get back with you as soon as I can. Creating behind the chair is my main priority as a stylist. I check messages in between clients, or at the beginning or end of the day. My phone is JUST for business and is off when I'm not at work.

Phone: 918-948-2292 (txt or call)


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