Safe Swimming for your Hair

I get asked all the time "is it okay to swim after getting hair colored or highlighted?" And here is my answer, YES, you can swim. However, there are precautions you can take to help protect your color and hair.


Your hair is the most porous, whether you're naturally blonde or artificially blonde. Porosity is how much your hair can absorb. Therefore, Blonde hair is the most at-risk for damage from swimming.

What can happen?

-Your toner can wash out, exposing brassy tones.

-Your hair can absorb the chlorine and turn it green

-Your hair can absorb the chlorine and become dry and dingy

-Your hair can absorb lake water full of minerals and can taint your tone

How can You prevent this?

-Don't get your hair wet

-Wet your hair prior to swimming so it cannot absorb the chlorine or lake water

-Wet your hair & put in a leave in conditioner if its extra porous so it cannot absorb the chlorine or lake water

What do I do if my hair turns green?

Depending on the severity of the green, you may be able to fix it at home. Always consult your stylist by sending pictures in natural lighting so they can see what the condition is (or schedule a consultation)

-Apply ketchup to green hair.

As a stylist, we color hair by using the color wheel to enhance and correct. Green cancels red and red cancels green. Because ketchup is acidic, it will help to pull the green out while the red helps cancel the green.

-Get a specific swimmers shampoo (safe for color if your hair has been colored, toned, or glazed).

Swimmers shampoos are formulated to specifically clarify hair of minerals and chemicals found in water we swim in. If you need a recommendation, send me a message. Not all swimmer shampoo's are the same.

What is a good shampoo, conditioner or post-swim treatment?

L'ANZA has a specific line with blondes in mind. When hair is lightened, you are removing things from the hair. L'ANZA designed a line to replace crucial nutrients back to your hair without stripping your toner or gloss. It gently clarifies pollutants, chemicals, and debris from the hair. I love L'ANZA's Healing Blonde line. I carry it in my salon in Jenks for my favorite blondies.


You've been blessed with beautiful Snow White hair later in life, Congratulations! Typically, since your blonde is natural, it is not as porous as artificially highlighted blondes.Your hair can STILL turn green or get discolored. To be safe, you can follow the same precautions as BLONDES :

-Avoid getting hair wet in pools and lakes

-Pre-wet your hair before getting in to swim

-Apply leave in conditioner so your hair can't absorb minerals & chemicals. You may struggle with yellow streaks from time to time too, stay tuned for how to deal with that and what may be the cause.


Swimming water doesn't affect colors the same. It can still make it easier for your hair color to fade, your hair can dry out, or be damaged.

-Wet your hair before getting in the water if you are worried

-Wash your hair after swimming to cleanse chemicals and minerals from the hair before they move in long term

What is a good shampoo, conditioner or post-swim treatment?

L'ANZA has a specially formulated line for color treated hair. Their scientists have studied flowers to discover why flower's colors never fade. They captured that technology and infused it into their Healing ColorCare line known as the Flower Shield Complex.


Your color is typically demi or semi-permanent, making it more vulnerable to damage while swimming.

-Avoid getting your hair wet during swimming if at all possible

-Pre-wet your hair and use a leave in conditioner

-Ask your stylist if they will create a color bomb for you (a special conditioner mixed with your color formula to refresh color as needed in between appointments)

What is a good shampoo, conditioner or post-swim treatment?

The Healing ColorCare line infused with Flower Shield Complex is the best for all color treated hair.

If you need any other help with swimming hair struggles, feel free to send me a message. I'm happy to help.

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