Do you always struggle with your hair?

Do you use expensive, high quality, or salon grade shampoo & conditioner? Do you see a salon regularly for color, blonding, or hair cuts? Are you healthy yet still have hair struggles?

.......It could be your water🚿!

Does your color fade really fast after an appointment? Does your blonde start looking brassy or dingy after just a few washes? Is your shine gone or hair feeling limp & frizzy?

.......It could be your water 🚿!

I have had clients think I’m crazy 😜. But I have pulled water reports for areas such as broken arrow, tulsa, sand springs, and Jenks and let me tell ya…..even though the reports are “safe” for us to consume….the water isn’t necessarily good for your hair. But don't worry! A simple shower head filter is the solution.

Each client who finally humored me and installed a shower head filter has been shocked with how it changed their overall hair and skin health! From texture, to color vibrancy, less fading, shine, less dry, etc.

You can look for yourself by going to your city website and looking up the water reports. You’ll want to pay close attention to the chlorine, sulfate, copper, iron, chloroform, lead, and the overall PH. What to look for is what the "safe range" is, and what level your water is testing at. If your chlorine, sulfate, copper, iron, chloroform, lead, and ph are within range but at the higher end of the range, it could be damaging your hair.

For example, if the PH is on the higher end, the cuticle is opening when you wash your hair. Not only can this allow your color and moisture to run down the drain, its also allowing all the minerals and chemicals in your water to enter your hair and become trapped. Over time, these minerals and chemicals can build up. This can cause blonding issues and gray coverage issues. Your tone may become dingy or fade fast or even become brassy despite your stylist's best efforts. This build up can also dry out your hair.

Here is a filter that I personally use in my home and have recommended to many clients. If any of these issues sound like your daily struggle, go ahead and give it a try! It's easy to install.

I say that...but my hubby installed it for me since he is a lot more handy than I am. I at least watched him do it...for most of the time. He removed our current shower head, screwed on the filter, attached the shower head back on, and made sure everything was tight. When you first turn on the water, it will seem like you compromised your water pressure. Just give it a minute. If you've ever used a filtered water pitcher, think of how you have to prime the filter, and how long it takes for the water to trickle through all the layers before a full stream starts. Once it makes its way through, I personally, did not notice a change in water pressure. What I DID notice was: my skin has finally felt soft, My red hair color does not fade near as fast (I do take other precautions as well, but thats because I'm an artificial red and those naturally fade faster). If you try it, please let me know if it helped you! And if it doesn't, I would love to have a virtual or face to face consultation with you to get to the bottom of your hair struggles. Happy Hair Washing!

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