Feel the Balance with CBD-Infused Hair & Skin Care

Revitalize hair, scalp, & skin with a gentle infusion of invigorating wildcrafted botanicals & premium CBD (Cannabidiol), cultivated from sustainably sourced hemp grown in the United States. Working in synergy, they promote hair & skin’s natural balance, while soothing aromatherapy essences promote an overall sense of harmony & well-being.


CBD Revive Shampoo

CBD Revive Shampoo enriches strands with a gentle, lightweight formula. An aromatherapy blend of essential oils awakens the senses & leaves hair refreshed. Also contains Gugo Bark to help revitalize dry scalp.

Hair Benefits

• Rehydrates, leaving hair soft & shiny

• Boosts volume & fullness

• Restores fiber integrity, resulting in stronger hair

• Sulfate-free & safe for color

Scalp Benefits

• Reduces oiliness & excess sebum to promote ideal scalp condition

• Eliminates impurities & flakes


CBD Revive Conditioner

The perfect companion to our CBD Shampoo, this weightless conditioner combines CBD, essential oils & wildcrafted botanicals to replenish moisture. Reduces damage caused by heat styling & everyday environmental stresses. Use daily to leave hair strong, soft & hydrated.

Hair Benefits

• Provides healthy moisture in a weightless formula

• Delivers vital strength to help reduce hair breakage

• Color-safe formula delivers noticeable body

Scalp Benefits

• Rebalances to soothe & comfort

• Moisturizes to help alleviate dry, flaky, itchy scalp


CBD Replenishing Masque

Introducing our new Replenishing Masque for remarkably healthy hair. Infused with 85 mg of pure CBD Isolate & deeply moisturizing botanicals, including Natural Green Tea & Coconut Oil. Together, they repair excessively dry, depleted hair & scalp. Let your hair feel the balance.

• Replenishes moisture in excessively, dry depleted hair

• Leaves hair radiant, with amazing shine & condition

• Formulated with Natural Green Tea, a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals that cause hair damage resulting in healthier hair

• Coconut Oil reduces frizz & soothes, nurtures & hydrates dry, flaky scalp

• Contains 85g of pure CBD Isolate

• Vegan & Cruelty-Free

• Contains Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Kukui Nut Oil, Green Tea Extract, Aloe Vera Juice, Meadowfoam Flower Seed Oil, Vitamin E, Cactus Flower Extract

• Manufactured with Solar Power


CBD Soothing Serum

This multi-use soothing serum is rich in amino acids, essential oils & vital nutrients to promote scalp nourishment & stimulate a healthy scalp environment. Helps comfort sore muscles while leaving skin soft & smooth. Kukui Nut Oil provides nutrient-rich moisture to skin & scalp.

• Soothes skin & scalp

• Quick-acting for immediate relief

• Calming formula delivers vital nourishment

• Leaves skin soft & supple

• Aromatherapy essential oils promote a sense of calm & well-being

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CBD (Cannabidiol): Extracted from hand-harvested Hemp Flower, Stem & Leaf for maximum quality & effectiveness. CBD infuses, nourishes & invigorates the scalp, creating a healthier hair environment.
Macadamia Nut Oil: Is high in Vitamin E & rich in antioxidants; reduces breakage for noticeably stronger hair.
Meadowfoam Flower Seed Oil: Helps rejuvenate dry or damaged hair, leaving it soft & shiny.
Kukui Nut Oil: Moisturizes to help alleviate dry, flaky, itchy scalps.
Vitamin E: Boosts volume & fullness in hair.