Give volume and fullness to fine, thin hair. Builds incredible body and thickness into each strand while dramatically increasing hair’s fullness and shine.


Thickening Shampoo

Daily sulfate-free shampoo removes excess oil that weighs down hair.

• Delivers body & fullness to fine, thin hair.

• Provides gentle cleansing without leaving hair rough or dry.

• This sodium chloride-free formula contains Gugo Bark for rich, abundant lather.


Thickening Conditioner

Daily weight-free formula provides noticeable volume.

• Adds body & bounce to fine, thin hair.

• Delivers volumizing ingredients into hair without weighing it down.

• Produces noticeable fullness while giving hair renewed health & shine.


Thickening Treatment Spray

Diameter-boosting formula plumps each hair strand.

• Creates support for voluminous hair styles.

• Delivers healthy body & thickness.

• Contains ingredients to protect hair from thermal heat & UV rays.


Zero Weight Gel

Adds fullness with weightless texture.

• Delivers strong control to support style & build body.

• Contains reflective mica for added shine.

• Provides thermal protection from heat styling.

• Hold: 6 of 10.


Root Effects

Supports hair at the base for extra lift & fullness.

• Provides the foundation for voluminous hair styles.

• Contains thermal protectors for heat styling.

• Hold: 7 of 10.


Final Effects

Volume-building formula provides a resilient hold.

• Thickens & bodifies for bold looks.

• Delivers long-lasting style support.

• Provides thermal protection for heat styling.

• Hold: 9 of 10.


Bamboo is the world’s richest source of natural silica, the lightweight mineral vital to creating volume in hair. Bamboo’s abundant silica swells the diameter of each hair fiber from within, for noticeably thicker hair.