Support, define, and finish with Healing Style. A full range of control from soft and supple to firm and flexible offers long-lasting style support to achieve any of today’s trending looks.


Air Paste

  • The first sprayable styling paste with Revolutionary Air Technology.

  • Short styles: immense grip allows molding, shaping, defining.

  • Long hair: provides light control & pliable support while stopping flyaways.

  • Fine, thin hair: adds body, texture & fullness.

  • Straight hair: creates waves for sexy, tousled looks.

  • Curly hair: holds curl pattern; boosts spiral memory.

  • Wax free, build-up free, weight free & clog free.

  • Control: 8 of 10.


Beach Spray

  • Creates sexy, tousled, windswept hairstyles with natural waves & separation.

  • Nourishing ocean botanicals provide a “fresh from the beach” look.

  • Fortifying Sea Minerals give hair tossable texture.

  • Control: 5 of 10.


Curl Define Cream

  • Creates smooth, soft curls with perfectly aligned fibers.

  • Provides definition & luster while taming frizz.

  • Great for naturally curly hair or curls set with a hot iron or rollers.

  • Brazil Nut Oil & Murumuru Seed Butter detangle snarled hair.

  • Control: 2 of 10.


Curl Up Cream

Creates smooth, soft curls with perfectly aligned fibers.

  • Revives curls & waves, while eliminating frizz

  • Enhances spiral memory

  • Holds soft curl patterns with long-lasting retention

  • Control: 5 of 10.


Design Foam

Rich, creamy, workable foam adds body, bounce & fullness.

  • Provides flexible support with touchable softness.

  • Seals-out atmospheric moisture to prevent frizz.

  • Leaves hair soft & smooth with a natural look & feel

  • Control: 4 of 10.


Dramatic F/X

Award-winning hair spray.

  • Strong-hold, fast-drying finishing mist.

  • Never stiff or sticky; won’t crack or flake.

  • Extended hold provides longest shape retention possible.

  • Control: 8 of 10.


Dry Texture Spray

Provides light, fluffy texture that feels natural.

  • Gives hair a tousled, sexy, second-day look.

  • Delivers volume & lift with bountiful body.

  • Sprays-on dry with matte finish.

  • Hair is brushable & touchable.

  • Control: 5 of 10.


Foundation Mousse

Provides a robust foundation for the creation of bold styles.

  • Strong hold mousse with natural Copaiba Tree Resin.

  • Delivers full-bodied lift & support from base to ends.

  • Seals-out atmospheric moisture to prevent frizz.

  • Long-lasting, flexible hold; excellent for curly hair.

  • Control: 6 of 10.


Mega Gel

Multi-purpose styling gel with strong hold.

  • Versatile formula creates a diversity of contemporary designs.

  • Ideal for blow-dry styles or naturally-sculpted styles.

  • Alcohol-free formula stays flexible.

  • Will not break, crack or flake.

  • Control: 8 of 10.


Molding Paste

Versatile styling paste provides light texture & separation.

  • Adds thickness & density to hair

  • Works great on fine hair

  • Provides separation & body with low sheen

  • Control: 6 of 10.


Sculpting Paste

Multi-task styler creates imaginative shapes & texture.

  • Provides resilient grip for boundless separation & flexibility.

  • Leaves hair pliable with exceptional re-stylelability.

  • Ideal for multi-layered or tousled effects.

  • Lightweight formula absorbs quickly without leaving residue.

  • Control: 5 of 10.



Dry formula allows for strong grip & bold textures.

  • Provides elevated control for molding unique styles.

  • Non-greasy formula with low sheen; ideal for all hair types.

  • Control: 8 of 10.



Manipulates & twists hair into moveable forms & contours.

  • Great for piecy separation & flicked-out styles.

  • Non-sticky & stays pliable; Won’t crack or flake.

  • Remains pliable throughout the day.

  • Control: 6 of 10.


Texture Cream

Versatile styling cream provides resilient hold with touchable texture.

  • Directs hair into movable forms & stylish contours.

  • Provides long-lasting support.

  • Adds volume & shine.

  • Control: 6 of 10.


Thermal Defense Spray

Pump hair spray & styler.

  • Provides strong, flexible hold with lasting support.

  • Ideal for use with flat irons & other thermal styling tools.

  • Maximum thermal protection prevents heat damage.

  • Provides a gentle slip for effortless styling.

  • Control: 8 of 10.


Dry Shampoo

Natural, invisible powder with extra absorbency and no residue

  • Natural Hectorite mineral powder absorbs impurities.

  • Peppermint clarifies & purifies while freshening the scalp.

  • Naturally cleanses without traditional surfactants.

  • Effectively purifies & balances all hair and scalp types.

  • Fortifies & heals hair.

  • Great for loose, uplifted looks.

  • Control: 1 of 10.


Cactus Flower Extract provides an extra measure of thermal protection to withstand extreme temperatures from the environment. A potent dose of Next Generation Keratin, ensures the healthiest style possible.