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MEET L'ANZA's Healing Hair Color


Protein, moisture and minerals are vital to hair health. The L’ANZA Keratin Healing System heals the hair by replacing all of these essential nutrients.



The first and only professional hair color that Heals, Seals and Protects with Color Attachment Technology, infusing hair with rich, long-lasting color.


The Flower Shield Complex is a specialized blend of flower extracts designed to shield hair from UV rays that cause color to fade. This complex contains the same potent anti-fade protectors that flowers use for their own color protection.

New Services Added

Emergency Service

Restores hair's integrity with improved strength, Resiliency, smoothness, and shine. This service can be booked with a hair cut or any coloring service. Or you can book it by itself and have your hair blown out and styled after.



Trauma Treatment

Just to help you understand, Trauma Treatment is the new OLAPLEX. However, it is totally different. But this service is replacing OLAPLEX and k18. Trauma Treatment is a potent treatment that restores health to traumatized hair: Extra deep healing formula. Provides utmost hair color protection. Contains abundant amino acids & Ceramide for improved color attachment. Add to any coloring service to restore and protect your hair. 

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Beauty Bath

A Beauty Bath can be used to create fashion techniques, address color correction, and countless other lightening services. This is a non aggressive approach to brighten blonde ends that have become discolored or dull. Great pre-treatment for color services if you have more than a half inch of new growth. The results will be seamless even color that is vibrant and true to tone.

Hair Washing



Glampoo is a quick service that will add a temporary burst of high-impact color fashion color of your choosing. Includes a blow dry.

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Blonde Pre-Boost

Prep your hair for the best blonding experience! This doesn't add extra time to your appointment. Pre-Boost helps the blonding process be more efficient & effective. This simple treatment will break through environmental pollution, chemical & mineral build up from your water, and product build up all while protecting the hair through the blonding process.

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Color Attachment Boost

Significantly improves color attachment for coloring services. Primes the hair fiber to boost color uptake and deposition. Creates color attachment sites in the cortex to improve color adhesion. Deposits more pigments per square micrometer. Equalizes porosity for more even coverage. Increases color density by 48%. Add to any coloring service to boost your results.



Ultimate Treatment


L’ANZA Ultimate Treatment is the only 3-step customized healing service that can be done at the back bar prior to cut, color, or blonding service. The Power Boosters allow me to customize your experience based on your hair type, condition or desired service. Restore your natural shine and prepare your hair for coloring services, all while getting rid of any unwanted build-up or hard water debris.

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