Our Story

Southern Sass Salon & Spa was opened by Holly Uzzel November 2017. Holly has been a licensed stylist since 2010. Her love for the craft inspired her to open a nontraditional salon. At Southern Sass, you will enjoy southern hospitality and a quiet relaxing atmosphere. Our family includes 2 stylists, 1 aesthetician, & 1 massage therapist. Say goodbye to the drama filled busy salons and come hangout with us, sip a glass of wine, and relax while we work our magic. Holly follows in the footsteps of her Gram, Auntie Ethelynn, and Auntie Ann as a  stylist & salon owner. 

Hair Salon


My Gram (maternal grandmother) was a stylist in Danforth, Maine for years. When she went to beauty school, they used the old perming machines that are now considered antiques. They didn't even teach hair coloring at the time.

Hair Salon

Auntie Ethelynn

My Auntie Ethelynn was my Gram's sister. She was a stylist for many years in both Danforth & Bangor, Maine and had a salon in her home. When I was very little (maybe 4 or 5) we visited her. I got to see the salon and play in the secret room under the stairs. Auntie Ethelynn used Breck hair products and promoted them in her salon. She was also president of the Cosmetology Association in Maine for a few years.

Hair Salon

Auntie Ann

My Auntie Ann is my Gram's sister in law. She was an active stylist when I was a child. I have many memories visiting the salon she owned and ran out of her basement in Agawam, Massachusetts. I loved playing with all her tools and asked lots of questions while she did mine, my mom, and my sister's hair.